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MuZ is a "Mensch unserer Zeit" - a man of our times and at the same time the main character of the story. He stumbles through the darkness of his life with his lips sewn together. In his dreams an invisible puppet master seems to control his movements through strings attached to his limbs and head. Led by those strings he stumbles through his existence until that fateful night he met a strange jester. From that moment on an odyssey begins, confronting him with truths hidden deep down in him, truths which are often painful to acknowledge.

MuZ has been haunting me for several now and it took me a long time to convince myself of putting the story to paper. It started out as a dark future story but quickly turned around and became much more subtle and symbolic. What began as a journey to the far future turned into a journey to the within right at the beginning. The conversations with my brother and his ideas shaped MuZ a lot ad turned it into a story that means a lot to me, through which I want to express much more than mere entertainment. But of course I am happy if I achieved that "at least".

To decide how much the world of MuZ truly reflects our current time is up to everyone for themselves. But no matter to what conclusions you came, I'd be happy if the readers of my webcomic walk through this world with their eyes open, just as MuZ does. Our sight gets obstructed way to often and way to easily, leaving us with the impression of being unable to do anything about it But is that so? Maybe it's just one more step into the right direction to change everything. Maybe it takes a little more. But one thing is for sure: if you do not try to make your own way you will always follow the footsteps of someone else. And maybe there comes a time when itís necessary to take on the role of the jester to gain wisdom.

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